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Seoul offers an extraordinary environment for meetings and other events of all sizes.

  • Convention


    Seoul’s excellent meeting facilities along with the support and services of the Seoul Convention Bureau help make the city a leading convention destination.

  • Cuisine


    Food is definitely one of Seoul’s greatest draws. Korean cuisine, combining fresh ingredients with a variety of spices and cooking techniques, covers a wide range of tastes and styles.

  • Culture & History

    Culture & History

    When you visit Seoul you’ll immediately notice the abundance of palaces, temples, art galleries and museums, which attest to Seoul’s rich history and wealth of cultural assets.

  • Entertainment


    You’ll never run out of things to do or buy in Seoul. Since some shopping areas and entertainment districts never close, you’ll always find excitement and you can literally ‘shop till you drop'.

  • Green & High-tech

    Green & High-tech

    Seoul is a modern and high-tech metropolis surrounded by mountains and divided by the Han River as well as numerous green belts.



  • As a Northeast Asian business hub, Seoul has what it takes for business success, starting with the world’s 4th largest airport, serviced by 56 airlines.

  • Security

    Seoul is a friendly city with a high level of safety and security and an extremely low crime rate. The city operates the Seoul Global Center that provides various services, including a hotline, for visitors and expats. The Seoul Medical Center also operates an international call center providing multilingual services.

  • Festivals

    Koreans are a fun-loving people so it’s not hard to believe that Seoul hosts over 600 festivals every year, including the Lotus Lantern Festival, the World DJ Music Festival, the International Fireworks Festival, the Seoul Performing Arts Festival and the Seoul Gourmet Festival. You’ll really have a tough time finding a more action-packed city.

  • Hospitality

    The citizens of Seoul offer warm hospitality, enabling visitors to feel welcome and comfortable. You’ll find average citizens giving you assistance or directions while you navigate the city streets or visit local restaurants and tourist attractions. Event organizers and participants from abroad will surely leave Seoul with warm memories of the Korean people.

  • Convenience

    Seoul has state-of-the art infrastructure including world-class accommodations, modern transportation systems and ubiquitous broadband Internet access. Meetings industry professionals can be assured of having everything they need to make their event a success. They can also take advantage of a free hotline for visitor questions and even a special iPhone application that provides all the information needed to get around the city.

  • Design

    Seoul has been designated as World Design Capital 2010 as part of efforts to promote and encourage the use of design to further the social, economic and cultural development of the world’s cities. Korea is making urban design headlines at home and overseas, especially due to Seoul where you can see unique and ultra-modern structures and public areas everywhere.