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Sweet additions to Cilantro Deli

Writer : Millennium Seoul Hilton / Date : 2016/4/06 10:21

Sweet additions to Cilantro Deli

at Millennium Seoul Hilton


6 April 2016, Seoul, Korea Millennium Seoul Hilton’s Delicatessen Cilantro Deli showcases 3 new sweet temptations this spring. Namrocks, Namclairs and Cherry Rings have been created by Millennium Seoul Hilton’s Director of Culinary, Mr. Bernd Butz to appeal to lovers of fine pastries.


Cherry Rings (KW 6,000) are filled with fresh dark cherries in liqueur and fresh cream in a round and soft choux topped with cherry toppings, while Namclairs (KW 7,000) are filled with four different flavours of mango, strawberry, vanilla, green tea cream topped with colourful chocolate coated choux. Namclaris are Millennium Seoul Hilton’s version of a well known dessert called Éclair.


In addition to the collection are Namstones (KW 6,000). With ginseng, mandarin juice and coconut powder coated with dark or white chocolate are sure to surprise you taste buds.


Take out coffees, juices and other beverages are also available. Don’t forget to take advantage of the deli’s Happy Hour special!  From 8:00PM to 9:00PM, all breads and pastry items are discounted by 30%. From 9:00PM to 10:00PM, they are discounted by 50%.


Comfortable seating is available in the lobby for Cilantro Deli customers.  The hotel also hosts a lovely garden on the lower lobby floor, and of course Namsan Park is just steps away.


For enquiries, please call Cilantro Deli at (02) 317-3064

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