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The INCON Digital Infrastructure Awards 2017

Writer : Seoul Convention Bureau / Date : 2017/2/02 21:56 / Modified Date 2017/2/02 21:57
This award is to recognise and reward excellence in digital infrastructure and services

These awards were first made in 2014, and 2017 is their 4th year.

The Award rests on a simple principle that meetings are better when a first class digital infrastructure is made available along with applications and tools that enhance delegate productivity and experience. The Award recognizes meeting venues that work innovatively to enable top class connected meetings.

Sponsors and supporters of this award include: IACC, ICCA, Best Cities, IMEX, The Iceberg and media partner Association Meetings International (This is the Association title from CAT publications here in the UK)

The organiser is INCON - INCON is a dynamic partnership of the world’s leading conference, event and association management companies. They provide industry advice and support, organise global events and contribute to setting new industry standards. (http://www.incon-pco.com/ )

INCON have partners in 170 destinations including Korea. However no Korean centre has ever entered these awards so far. But we have the best bandwidths in the world!

Please note this award is for ALL Convention Centres and Convention/Meeting Hotels to enter. You do not need to be a partner, or have been involved with any partner events.

This year, INCON has opened the award to two categories and therefore there will be two winners for one for each venue category:

1. Convention Centres
2. Convention Hotels

The judges are completely impartial and do not work for INCON.

The judges are Bob Heile, Daniel Branik and Rick Alfvin and they have developed the criteria for this award against a set of international standards.

Judging criteria includes: Quality of infrastructure systems, Infrastructure ease of use, Crisis management, Cost, Innovation

The awards are free to enter. The Awards will be handed out at IMEX Frankfurt 2017 on the show floor.

The Award ceremony is held on the INCON booth at IMEX Frankfurt during the show. 

The top three entries will be notified, although whether you are a winner will not be revealed until the ceremony. The other two notified entrants in each category will be runners up.

To enter you must use the online form here: http://www.incon-pco.com/award-form.html you can save details and go back to the form. Deadline for entry is 28 February 2017

This is the general Awards website, and it contains much of the information covered here: http://www.incon-pco.com/award.html 

NOTES for Entries

All questions should be handled by the lead person in charge of this entry at each convention centre, or hotel, and their Digital tech partner, this may be an in-house contact, or third party provider. However some of the questions asked are very technical, such as:
The network topology diagram and description of the wireless infrastructure

To enter you must use the online form here: http://www.incon-pco.com/award-form.html you can save details and go back to the form. Deadline for entry is 28 February 2017

The first page is general information such as contact details, address etc., and business type. The second page is the technical details as follows:

9. What is the total amount of bandwidth you have available?*

10. How many attendees is your network designed to support?*

11. Do you have a network topology diagram?* 

If yes, upload your network topology diagram 

12. Do you have a data port map of your venue?* 

If yes, upload your venue's data port map* 

File uploads may not work on some mobile devices.

Bit More Detail

13. Describe your wireless infrastructure*
Maximum: 600 words

14. Describe an innovative way that you have used your infrastructure*
Maximum: 600 words

15. Is there anything else you would like to highlight about your digital infrastructure?*
Maximum: 600 words

Then just press submit. If you are in the top three you will be notified to attend the INCON Stand at IMEX for the awards well ahead of the show.

[Attached file1] INCON_Digital_Award_brief_2017.pdf