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Convention Centers

  • 63 Convention Center

    A High-end Meeting Facility for High-end Meetings

    63 Convention Center
    1. Total area: 1,957m²
    2. No. of meeting rooms: 3
    3. From Incheon Int’l Airport: 50min.
  • aT Center

    The universal exhibition aT Center for successful business

    aT Center
    1. Total area: 58,293.85m²
    2. No. of Meeting Rooms: 9
    3. From Incheon Int’l Airport: 70min.
  • AW Convention Center

    Premium Wedding & Banquet

    AW Convention Center
    1. Total area: 33,000m²
    2. No. of Meeting Rooms: 7
    3. From Incheon Int’l Airport: 60min.
  • COEX

    Everything Under One Roof

    1. Total Area: 106,612m²
    2. No. of Meeting Rooms: 54
    3. From Incheon Int’l Airport: 60min.
  • Sejong University Convention Center

    The Outstanding Convention center with Professionalism & Convention

    Sejong University Convention Center
    1. Total area: 2,533m²
    2. No. of Meeting Rooms: 7
    3. From Incheon Int’l Airport: 90min.

    A reliable partner for small and medium enterprises in Seoul

    1. Total area: 15,630m²
    2. No. of Meeting Rooms: 4
    3. From Incheon Int’l Airport: 60min.